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Dramatic story: Little Sweet Tooth goes crazy after knowing that all the candies in the world are now owned by the evil King. She goes on a journey through the dark reality of her crazy nightmares to destroy everything that she loved before.

How to play: This game is the apotheosis of casual linear gameplay. Here you do not need to do anything: Sweet Tooth will pave her way through a nightmare even without your intervention. However, you can press Boost button to make her run faster. Or press Heal to.. yes, to heal her. In fact, there are still different things that you can do, but they all are optional. And remember, the only enemy that she can not win by herself is herself.

P.S. Some people may notice that the gameplay is similar to the Doodle Kingdom . This is not rip-off, since I am the one who designed DK.

Published Feb 02, 2014
GenreRole Playing
Tagscandy, candy-jam, saga